Creative Facebook Growth

1. Background

The business was selling kids toys, games and also creative products for adults (women). They had a competitive price, no Google presence, but only Facebook and Instagram ads, shops and posts (and an online store).

2. Objective

My objective was to increase posts engagement and page’s visibility.

3. Strategy

By identifying the audience, I had to come up with a post that would encourage people to engage with our business, attracting a good Facebook score and improving page visibility. Usually, any other post, no matter how engaging, had an average of 10 likes, 0 comments and 1 share. So I proposed to create a contest with a really cute and inexpensive prize – a creative set of boxes sold with 25.00 lei.

I have decided to go with a challenging game, not hard though, in order to have as many correct and fast answers, and I have suggested that the people could compete with their friends (so they would share the game). It was not a requirement.

The design also played an important aspect, being suitable for the audience and also Christmas related.

4. Results

Minutes after posting the contest, with no paid ads, fans started commenting, engaging and sharing the post. I have also created a post engagement campaign, with 25.00 lei / day, for 7 days. 

From an average of 10 likes, 0 comments and 1 share / post, I brought 1.2K reactions, 870 comments and 231 shares (only on Facebook – Instagram was growing too).

The page number of fans increased and even sales started growing, bringing a lot more value than it was invested.

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