Sales up by 34% and CPA down by 29%

1. Background

The business was selling puzzles, divides in different categories, like: theme, age groups, brand, type. The owner had been running Google Ads Search and Shopping campaigns, targeting Romania Cities, which had little success for the majority of campaigns. 

2. Objective

My objective was to increase performance, sales and reduce the CPA across all campaigns.

3. Strategy

The old campaigns had little to none targeting, so I narrowed down the targeting to top-level keywords, keeping and optimizing the best performing but also cleaning up the underperforming or unnecessary keywords.

I also wrote new ads, using all ad types and made sure I used all the relevant ad extensions for this business.

The cleanup was made at the ad group level too, and also at the campaign level. Let’s keep in mind that we were talking about over 11 campaigns, with a few ad groups each.

I also segmented the Google Shopping campaign feed, dividing the products into logical product groups that followed the website, and focused on top ROI performing products & offers.

I’ve created a Smart campaign, using top products and images for high performance.

I optimized the locations, increasing the bids for top performing locations and decreasing or removing the most expensive and underperforming cities.

4. Results

The results did not wait to appear. After only 2 weeks, the sales went up by 18%, and after 4 to 6 weeks, the CPA was down by 29% on average and sales up by 34%. The ROI also became positive.

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